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Ezopen Liner

Reseal Liner (cosmetics)

Dual Pour, Fan Pour, Sip Hole Liner

Ring Peel Liner

Induction Liner (Agrochemical)


Founded in Taipei in 1992, YNB , the first supplier of induction foil liner and cap sealing equipment in Great Chinese Area, has created its own brand for more than 30 years. With induction foil liners, induction cap sealers, liner insertion machine, cap lining machine and sealing inspection machine as core business, YNB has grown to an professional enterprise owning the extreme specialty in the field of induction sealing.

For dealing with the current market trend, YNB consolidates internal organization system to establish the Strategy Center in Far East World industry park of New Taipei City, Haixi R&D and Production Center in Xiamen, the Northern Production Center in Jinan, and the Haidon R&D and Production Center in New Taipei City. With this effective organization consolidation, YNB is able to develop and manufacture cost-effective materials and equipment, and has stable growth markets at home and abroad. Adhering to the spirit of striving for excellence, innovation, and perfection, YNB continuously strive for excellence and innovation. YNB affiliates have also been awarded a number of domestic and foreign patents.

In recent years, a variety of liners type such as Ring PeelTM , EZopenTM, EZpeelTM, EZtearTM, Fan PourTM, Dual PourTM, SipHole …,etc. have been newly launched as major products stepping in the market to yield unusually brilliant and fruitful achievements.

In addition, YNB affiliates are integrating technologies such as chips, IoT, antennas, high precision facilities and sealing liners to develop next-generation radio frequency identification linersRFIDinsideTMNFCinsideTMMWinsideTMRFIDtempTMeINSIDETMeSEALTMeLINERTMeCapLinerTM.

Thanks to the great care and support from the market and customers, YNB’s entire sales continue to grow steadily before and after the epidemic.




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